Every year, thousands of people across Canada gather to fulfill the dream of a Canadian hero.

30 years ago, Terry Fox was forced to end his Marathon of Hope, but his legacy lives on.

On Sunday, many Calgarians particiapted in the annual Terry Fox run.

Everyone who took part has been touched by cancer, including 10-year cancer survivor, Joanne Lynn.

"I believe Terry Fox's money saved my life. I had a stem cell transplant to cure my cancer. This is very important to me. I've wanted to do it every year. This is the first year I feel I've been well enough to do it," said Lynn.

Terry Fox captured our hearts and imaginations with his Marathon of Hope. He began his run with the goal of raising $1-million for cancer research. His foundation has since raised more than $500-million.

Len Grant took part in the very first Terry Fox run. He chokes back tears as he explains how significant this event has become.

"We've both been touched by cancer and by Terry's story," commented Grant.

About 60 health care workers who are on the front lines in the fight against cancer, have come together to walk in memory of a beloved colleague who died of the disease two months ago.

"Today is a tribute to Dr. Mike Hodsman. He was a very amazing emergency room physician for over 30 years in this city, and he helped, I don't know, many hundreds of thousands of Calgarians and people across southern Alberta, and we miss him, this is for him," said Dr. Mike Betzler, an emergency specialist at the Foothills and Lougheed hospitals.

Olympic curler Cheryl Bernard lost her father seven years ago this week to brain cancer. Her family lived on Terry's hope that a cure would be found.

"He kind of signified hope and courage for all of us and I think it's amazing. What he would say to us today is keep doing what you're doing," said Bernard.

Terry Fox ran more than 5,000 kilometres before he died in 1981, but thanks to him, the dream of a cure lives on in.

"He saved lives and he still continues to save lives today, even though he didn't make the whole race, he impacted everybody," added Lynn.

Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope now takes place in more than 30 countries around the world.