The Redford government has announced the creation of two Aboriginal womens’ councils aimed at helping them attain their goals.

Premier Alison Redford says the new groups will help improve the status of their economic and social well being.

She says that through the councils, their perspectives will be better heard on matters that affect them and their communities.

Robin Campbell, the Minister of Aboriginal Relations, says the councils will be able to better identify the challenges faces by Aboriginal women in the province. “They will provide advice on how we can work with communities to overcome these barriers. They are a diverse group of women from across the province whose wide range of professional and traditional knowledge and abilities will make a significant contribution to the lives of Aboriginal people in Alberta.”

“This council opens the door for First Nations women to bring our stories and experiences forward to government, government agencies and community stakeholders. It gives us a conduit to voice our concerns and our solutions, to overcoming the social and economic barriers that we face as First Nations women,” says Koren Lightning-Earle, Co-chair, First Nations Women’s Economic Security Council, in a release.

The councils will be working with a government support group made up of representatives from ministries that support Aboriginal women and families.

They will be working to address the issues and ideas that the councils raise.