Calgary is one of the top producers of carbon dioxide in the world.

A new United Nations' report looks at 50 cities and says Calgary ranks amongst the top five when it comes to carbon dioxide per person.

The report was presented at the fifth annual World Urban Forum which took place in Brazil last week.

Alderman Brian Pincott says the poor results shouldn't come as a surprise. "It's the fact that we rely on coal-fired electricity; it's the fact that we are an urban sprawl city where driving everywhere it what we do; it's the kind of city that we've built."

The city says Calgary is trying to set an example, for Calgarians and communities, by reducing its carbon footprint.

"Right now, the LRT is 100 percent wind powered. We're on track by 2012 to have 100 percent green energy producing for the City of Calgary operations so that puts us far ahead of our [Kyoto] targets," says Rick Ciezki.

"I don't think the majority of Calgarians realize that over 80 percent of our electricity is generated from fossil fuels, in the province, and how easy it is to choose something else like renewable energy and reduce your impact," says Theresa Howland from Bull Frog Power.

Bib Patel says he is doing his part to help reduce his carbon footprint by switching to wind power for his home. "There is the ability to have, or to make, a better impact on this world," says Patel.

Of the 50 cities looked at in the U.N. report, only Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Denver and Rotterdam produced more greenhouse gases than Calgary.

Vancouver and Toronto were the other two Canadian cities included in the report. Vancouver produces 4.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per capita; Calgary produces 17.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide per capita.