A video posted on YouTube puts the actions of some Calgary Transit peace officers under the microscope.

The video was edited and posted on the website, earlier this week.

The incident starts when peace officers tell two men they can't smoke on the LRT platform.

The edited video then shows an altercation between the men and the officers.

One of the officers is shown using pepper spray and a baton on one of the men. A man, facedown on the ground, is also kneed by the officer. The video does not show the events leading up to these moments.

Calgary Transit is investigating the incident but says so far it appears the officers did everything right.

Transit officials say its platform security video shows the entire incident. They also say the officers were provoked and shoved by the men.

Transit also says it thinks the intent all along may have been to get arrested and get it on tape.

"We're concerned that the incident was partially to goad officers into taking enforcement actions on camera. That's based on comments that are actually on that video indicating that one of the individuals won't be going back into the bar until he is arrested," says Brian Whitelaw from Calgary Transit.

The men were arrested that night and are facing charges of obstruction, resisting arrest and assault of a peace officer.