A new website, created by Alberta Health Services, aims to provide reliable, comprehensive sexual and reproductive information for high-risk youth.

The website, Talking About Sexuality in Calgary Communities, offers support and information to those who work with youth who are considered high risk, such as school nurses, teachers, social workers, and psychologists.

High-risk youth are defined as young adults who are street-involved or exposed to street culture, don't have family support, and don't fit into the main stream school system.

"Service providers need a resource where they can access reliable, up-to-date information all the time," says Wendi Lokanc-Diluzio, AHS Sexual and Reproductive Health specialist.

She says that there are many websites, such as teachingsexualhealth.ca, that provide resources to educators and nurses who work in mainstream schools.

However, Lokanc-Diluzio says there is little information for people who work with youth who don't attend school or live on the street.

"High-risk youth are not consistently in the schools and they do not get a lot of this information from their parents," she says.

Pennie Sibbald, Training Service Coordinator for Hull Child and Family Services says the site is useful and straightforward.

"There's a wealth of information on the site that's easy to access as well as being respectful and non-judgmental, which is hugely important," she says.

The website also has a forum where youth can ask sexual health related questions and receive answers anonymously.