Police in Airdrie are looking into a report of a sexual assault that happened in a home in the Prairie Springs area last week.

RCMP received a complaint on Friday, February 10, that an unknown male forced his way into a residence and sexually assaulted a woman after learning that her husband was not at home.

The male suspect is identified as being of average size and build.

Police are asking residents of Prairie Springs to call them is they noticed a suspicious male in the area or had a male matching the description come to their home on that day.

RCMP is reminding people to take basic security precautions when they answer the door to strangers:

  • Never indicate that you are the only person home
  • Request identification from anyone attempting to sell you anything
  • If possible, determine who is there prior to opening the door
  • Use a screen or storm door to provide a layer of security between you
  • Arrange service calls to occur when there is another person present with you
  • You are not obligated to open the door, however, it is a good idea to let the person know there is someone home, but you are choosing not to open the door.