Businesses in the flood zone are still rebuilding and many Inglewood shop owners are hoping Calgarians will shop local this holiday season to prop up lost profits.

Solita Work owns Reworks in Inglewood and says she's still struggling to bounce back.

“Business has been really slow up until today,” said Work.

Her business wasn't flooded out but foot traffic has been thin since her doors reopened in July and overall, sales are down.

Work says she relies on sales during the Christmas season to make up for the lull during the first few months of the New Year.

“I make 25 to 30 percent of my earning for the year in November and December, especially December so I save a lot of that money for January, February, March, April to get me through,” said Work.

During the last few months, sales have been so bad she says she may need to dip into savings and layoffs are possible.

Spolumbo's is starting to get busy and says it is also relying on holiday shoppers to make up for some losses this summer.

A few shops have managed to bounce back and some are even seeing an increase in business.

Junktiques on 9th Avenue restores old and damaged furniture and staff say they are experiencing an influx of people who are bringing in flood-damaged furniture to repair.

One of the owners says it's unfortunate that the flood happened, but he's happy that he can help people save their precious belongings.

"I think it's great that Marie and I and our daughter can repair stuff and get people’s stuff back in their lives again. That part I'm very proud to do,” said David Kaufman.

Kaufman says he gets that people usually head to the malls in December to get all their shopping done at once but he hopes they don’t forget the little merchants.

“It would be really nice that instead of going to some large box store to come down to Inglewood because it’s a great place to eat, you can get great clothing down here, furnishings down here. Eat, drink and play in Inglewood, there’s lots of good things to do and places to go,” said Kaufman.

The executive director of the Inglewood Business Revitalization Zone says the community is still looking strong, vacancy rates are low and there is a high demand for retail space in the area.

(With files from Kathy Le)