Wildrose leader Danielle Smith is accusing her opponents of using robot dialers to harass her supporters with fake messages about the party.

She says that robocalls have reared their ugly head mostly in Grande Prairie and that they are inciting voters against the Wildrose.

Smith claims to have a recording from the Wildrose Party which they say is legit, but then they spam people with the message, sometimes calling up to 30 times a day.

She thinks that someone is trying to turn voters against them but she's insistent that it isn't her party doing the calling.

"That doesn't make any sense for our political party to bombard our supporters with that kind of nuisance."

The problem has gotten to the point that the Wildrose have called the police to investigate.

She's also submitted a formal complaint with Elections Alberta.

And the Wildrose aren't the only ones being attacked by robocalls.

The Alberta Federation of Labour is also getting grief, where accusers say the group is using automatic dialers about the policies of both the PCs and the Wildrose without identifying themselves as a third party advertiser.

Elections Alberta is apparently looking into the allegations.