CALGARY -- One man is dead following an early morning stabbing Thursday in Calgary’s Manchester Industrial area.  

Police responded to the 5500 block of Second Street S.W. shortly before 3 a.m. for reports of a man who had collapsed.

Officers found a man in his 30s in critical condition between two parked cars near the corner of 55th Avenue and Macleod Trail. 

Paramedics were on scene within minutes and immediately began lifesaving measures, but the victim died on scene. 

The identity of the deceased has not been released. An autopsy has been scheduled for Friday.

Blood spatter was located along Macleod Trail for several blocks.

One man was arrested at the Foothills Medical Centre and has been taken into custody in relation to the incident.

Police confirm they have searched a known drughouse in the area in connection with the investigation. People who live nearby say there have been acts of violence in recent weeks and drug use has been prevalent in a neighbouring park.

"Those people who moved in are not the greatest people," said Philip Furneaus. "It's clearly a drughouse. It's clearly dealers who live there.

"They're having people coming there at every hour. We're hearing fights there at two, three or four in the morning all the time."

Crews closed off a section of 55th Ave, between Macleod Trail and Second Street S.W., as the investigation continues. Officers continue to scour the area for the suspect weapon.