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6 Calgary parks where you can drink alcohol

A person holds a beer in a public park. (Getty Images) A person holds a beer in a public park. (Getty Images)

Calgary now has six parks where you can drink while playing Frisbee, enjoying a picnic or taking a stroll.

The City of Calgary piloted its alcohol in parks program last spring and, after a successful first run, brought it back in May.

The program lets adults have a drink or two at select picnic tables throughout the city, and this year there are even entire parks – or portions of parks – where you can consume a cocktail.

When city officials announced the return of the program last month, they also revealed the six parks with "open areas" where drinking would be allowed, saying they would launch "later this spring."

Now all six are operational, including Tomkins Park, Barb Scott Park, Buckmaster Park, Lindsay Park, Southview Off-Leash Area and West Baker Park.

"Onsite signage at these green spaces clearly defines where you can drink," states the site.

"Alcohol is strictly prohibited outside boundaries indicated on onsite signage—even if you are still within the same park. Boundaries are designed to avoid child-focused amenities like playgrounds."

For more information on Calgary's alcohol in parks program you can visit the city's website. Top Stories

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