CALGARY -- An Airdrie, Alta. woman is quilting away this holiday season, looking for donations to that city’s Food Bank.

Wendy Attwell, who runs Fairy Godmother Quilting, has health concerns but loves to quilt.

“I’ve been pretty much locked up since March,” she said. “I’m really compromised, I only have one lung, and this (quilting) is my passion.”

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With dozens of quilts in her home, Attwell has decided to part with a few of them. Anyone who makes a $200 donation to the Food Bank is welcome to have one.

“It’s a tough time of year for a lot of people especially with COVID,” said Attwell. “We always donated to the food bank, (so) I just thought, ‘What more can I do?’”

For the Heartland Agency, they are calling out for help to 60 families, who are in need of Christmas hampers.

“A lot of our families come from backgrounds of abuse, trauma, neglect poverty, we have a lot of single moms, (and) single dads,” said director of Evenstart and ELCC programs, Brianna Parkhill.

She says this year has been difficult to find donors that can help these families out during the holidays.

“I have heard that a lot of organizations out there don’t, so they have been turning donors away,” said Parkhill.

“So we’re here to say to the donors, that if they want to put a hamper together for a family in need, they can absolutely come to us.”

calgary, food bank, airdrie, donations, holiday se

The agency has nearly 170 families it tries to provides for at Christmas. It asks them to put together two lists.

“The ‘needs’ list will usually be comprised of things like clothing, winter jackets, winter boots, pants, shirts tshirts, socks, underwear, all those kinds of things,” said Parkhill.

“Then the wish list is their toy list – kind of a wish list, or what the child is wishing for.”