CALGARY -- A large, low-income family in Calgary is now ready to tackle the rest of the online school year thanks to the support of others.

CTV News first brought the story of Ian Quayle, a single father of six children, last week. The busy dad had signed up his five school-aged children for the Calgary Board of Education's Hub online learning program after he had misgivings about sending his children to in-person classes.

He'd gotten through the first little bit of the year with an iPad, but as the course load was getting larger, he knew he needed to buy more devices. However, being on a fixed income, Quayle knew it would be struggle to come up with those costs.

After airing the story, CTV News was flooded with offers of help for the family. He says all of his children now have laptops to keep up with their classes.

"It was absolutely shocking, the support that I got," he said in an interview with CTV News.

"I've got them all in their classes and I'm working with their teachers, getting them all caught up."

Quayle says now that the technology problem is fixed, he just needs to work on balancing all the different lessons, but sees it as "an adventure."

"I'm keeping on top of it as best I can – I've become a school teacher," he said. "It makes me happy that I know what they're doing."

He says the online learning platform also gives him the opportunity to get out with his children during the day, something he wouldn't be able to do if they were stuck in a classroom.

"I take them for a walk, so that's a 'field trip' for them."

As for anyone else who is concerned about the challenges of online learning, Quayle says they shouldn't get frustrated because Calgary is full of generous individuals.

"I hope that more people will help those who are in need," he said.