CALGARY -- Sales of cannabis vape products will be allowed at retail stores in Alberta beginning this week.

In a statement, Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) says retailers were notified of the change on Friday and they can begin ordering products this week.

"Following government’s review of the available evidence, data and other provinces’ positions on cannabis vaping, the sale of cannabis vapes in Alberta, will be allowed," reads a statement from AGLC.

"We expect retailers will be able to begin ordering products as early as this coming week and there may be limited product from the onset but like all other products before vapes, inventory will increase in time. Consumers may see product on shelves in the next couple of weeks."

The province announced at the beginning of January it would be holding off on allowing the sale of cannabis vape products pending the review.

Vapes, edibles and topicals — sometimes referred to as cannabis 2.0 products — became legal on Oct. 17, 2019, but manufacturers had to give 60 days notice of their intent to produce them.

About the size of a pen, cannabis vape cartridges can be single-use or have interchangeable cartridges.