A family in Airdrie is concerned about the cruel bullying their 13-year-old daughter has been subjected to and the fact that the school has done little so far about it.

Morgan Tempeny is a student at Muriel Clayton Middle School and says she’s received a series of hateful notes stuffed into her locker.

She says the abuse has been consistently hateful and increasingly violent. “Last year, I was told I was going to wait for a grand finale – so it sounded like someone was coming after me with the notes being said. So now, this year, it’s changed to ‘go kill yourself’, do this, do that. Suggesting ways for me to kill myself and just basically wanting me to leave.”

Her family has collected all the letters and brought them to the school’s attention over the past year.

Rocky View Schools issued a statement, saying they had only been told about the situation about four days ago.

Administrators are now promising that they will help to protect Morgan and find those responsible for the hateful letters and abuse.