The Alberta government is putting forward a request to a number of companies to make ‘meaningful reductions’ in the amount of emissions their operations produce.

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips, speaking from the headquarters of DIRTT Environmental Solutions in Calgary, announced a $35M grant for the Industrial Efficiency Challenge.

“It’s the latest piece in our government’s $1.4B commitment to helping business and industry reduce our emissions. That commitment means everything from green loan guarantees to an innovation fund for oil sands producers looking to reduce the carbon in the barrel. It also includes support for our bio-energy sector.”

Phillips says the program is intended to attract big ideas and will help the government to deliver immediate and measurable progress.

The focus of the IEC is on industrial final emitters, the industries that provide the building blocks for many different things in the Alberta economy, Phillips says.

“Many of these industries are emissions-intensive and we are asking them, just as we are asking everyone across Alberta, to make meaningful reductions in our emissions.”

Applicants for funding will be selected through a competitive process, based on the direct emissions reductions their projects can deliver.

“The winners and their projects will be funded up to a maximum of $10M and they’ll have until May 31 to get their application in.”

For information on how to apply, you can go to the Emissions Reduction Alberta website.