CALGARY -- The leader of Wexit Alberta debated Saturday afternoon the possibility of Alberta setting out on its own.

Peter Downing sat down with Alberta Liberal Party Leader David Khan for a discussion at the Kerby Centre in Calgary on Saturday.

Downing shared a number of his ideas about why it would be best for Alberta to leave the Canadian Confederation.

"Thirty per cent of Albertans are ready to vote 'yes' to separate today. Let's put that into context — the NDP got 25 per cent popular support and they've got their seats in the legislature, but think about this: In a province that typically votes about 60 per cent, 30 per cent is actually 50 per cent of that."

He says that is good news for him and his party and it would only take a "few more setbacks" to really change things.

"We're going to move into that 'winning conditions' category where we will be successful in a referendum."

Meanwhile, Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan suggested it would not be in the province's best interest to leave the country.

"I am really concerned about this Wexit, western separation talk. I think it's really dangerous for our province and our country," he said.

"I am a proud Canadian and I am proud to be here today to put forward the case that we want to build a better and stronger Canada."

The event also allowed a number of participants to share their views on the controversial topic.

Last week, Elections Canada announced Wexit was eligible to register as a political party in future federal elections.

The group has since said it would nominate 104 candidates, one for each riding in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba.