CALGARY -- The province has convened a panel aimed at helping Alberta's become a world leader in mineral resource production.

The five-member Mineral Advisory Council will help government "unlock Alberta’s vast, untapped geological potential for various minerals that are in increasing global demand," according to the province.

"Alberta is already known worldwide as a leader in responsible resource development," said Energy Minister Sonya Savage.

"Historically, this has been in areas of crude oil, natural gas and oilsands production. But what isn't known widely is Alberta's vast untapped potential for geological and various minerals, which are in global demand."

Those include lithium, vanadium, uranium, rare earth elements, diamonds, and potash, which are used to make things like batteries, metal alloys, cell phones, computers, energy storage cells and even fertilizers.

The five-member panel includes:

  • Stephanie Autut, executive director of the Nunavut Water Board;
  • Bob McLeod, the former Premier of Northwest Territories;
  • Allison Rippin Armstrong, has 25 years experience in environmental compliance;
  • Gordon Stothart, president and CEO of IAMGOLD and chair of the Gold Mining Association of Canada, and;
  • Eira Thomas, president and CEO of Lucara Diamond and a director of Suncor.

"For 75 years, we in Alberta have defined ourselves as an energy province focused on oil and gas," said Chris Doornbos, president, CEO of E3 Metals Corporation.

"That has been our core business and that is not going anywhere. Successful adaptation builds off proven practise, rigorous debate, expansive thinking and focused effort."