Calgarians were introduced to the candidates who are vying for the leadership of the Alberta Party at an informal gathering that was held at the Kerby Centre on Tuesday evening.

The event was an opportunity for the candidates to tell people about themselves and to talk about where they stand on provincial issues.

“It’s an opportunity for members and people that are interesting in becoming members to come down and in a nice, casual environment, get a chance to find out a little more about the candidates as well as find out where the candidates stand on particular issues,” said Mark Taylor, Executive Director of the Alberta Party.

Former Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel, MLA Rick Fraser and Calgary lawyer Kara Levis are in the running for the leadership and all were in attendance at the event.

Taylor says the party is restructuring and is ready to take on the newly merged UCP.

“The Alberta Party has been around for a number of years. Some of our competitors just recently merged. They don’t have policy, they don’t have constituencies, we have those things, so we’re not starting fresh. What we’re doing is taking the opportunity to have a leadership race to really draw some attention to what Albertans have, which is another option out there,” he said.

The vote for the leadership will be held on February 27th.

For more information on the party and the vote, click HERE.