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Alberta police believe 'Dances With Wolves' star may have abused local victims

Tsuut'ina Nation Police Service officials are encouraging any local victims to come forward following the arrest of 46-year-old actor Nathan Lee Chasing Horse in Las Vegas on sex assault charges.

Chasing Horse, who played Sioux tribe member Smiles a Lot in the 1990 Kevin Costner film Dances with Wolves, allegedly sexually assaulted and trafficked young Indigenous girls over the period of two decades.

The offences allegedly occurred during Chasing Horse's time as a medicine man who conducted healing ceremonies and hosted spiritual gatherings.

According to Chasing Horse's arrest report from last October, RCMP in Keremeos, B.C., tipped off Las Vegas officers that Chasing Horse had been named as a sexual assault suspect in a case the RCMP were investigating.

The victim in the small southwestern B.C. community near the U.S. border filed a report in September, 2018.

The Associated Press confirmed that a tip from the public spurred an investigation in October 2022 into Chasing Horse, who is believed to be the leader of a cult known as The Circle, that led to police identifying six other alleged victims. The sexual allegations are said to have taken place in Montana, South Dakota and Nevada.

Las Vegas police work near the home of former actor Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse, who goes by Nathan Chasing Horse, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023, in North Las Vegas, Nev. Authorities raided the home of the former actor Tuesday in connection with a sexual assault investigation. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Chasing Horse has been charged with:

  • Sexual assault of a child less than 16 years old;
  • Two counts of sexual assault;
  • Two counts of sex trafficking of an adult; and
  • Child abuse/neglect

On Wednesday, Tsuut'ina Nation police, located just west of Calgary city limits, announced they were working alongside their policing partners in Alberta, including the Calgary Police Service, as part of the stateside investigation.

"We believe there may be other victims that may want to come forward," said Tsuut'ina police officials in a statement released Wednesday. "We are further reviewing all related historical sexual assault files and working with a dedicated Crown prosecutor to ensure all victims have a voice.

"There is no statute of limitations on criminal sexual offences in Canada and we encourage anyone who has been a victim of a serious crime to report it, even if many years have passed since the incident."

The Calgary Police Service issued the following statement Wednesday afternoon regarding the arrest of Chasing Horse.

"We encourage anyone who has been the victim of a sexual assault to report it to their local police agency, and want to remind everyone that there is no statute of limitations on the reporting of a sexual assault in Canada. However, we know that not all victims will feel comfortable reporting to police, and encourage them to reach out to the resources provided by the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, or locally to a community organization such as Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society, or the Aboriginal Friendship Centre here in Calgary."

Anyone who has been the victim of sexual assault or who has information regarding alleged offences involving Chasing Horse is encouraged to contact the Tsuut'ina Nation Police Service at 403-251-9660 or anonymous tips may be submitted to Crime Stoppers. Top Stories

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