CALGARY -- Another person in the Calgary zone has died due to complications linked to the influenza virus, according to Alberta Health services.

The virus has been a factor in 39 deaths in the province this flu season — six were noted in the south zone, 11 in the Calgary zone, four in the central zone, 15 in Edmonton zone, while three were in the north zone.

Last flu season, 30 people died with lab-confirmed cases of the virus in Alberta.

This year's flu strain hit the province considerably harder than last year's, with 8,466 combined lab-confirmed cases of both the A and B influenza strain recorded by AHS, compared to only 6,082 last year.

Last flu season, 1,391 people were hospitalized across the province, while 1,519 were hospitalized this season. Both the Edmonton and Calgary zones recorded more than 500 cases of hospitalizations linked to the virus.

A total of 1,432,055 doses of the vaccine were administered in the province this season. The number of Albertans who opted to get the flu vaccine rose by more than 125,000 people this season. The number of shots administered in the Calgary zone gew by more than 75,000, while the number of vaccines administered in the Edmonton zone rose by nearly 32,000.

The best way to reduce influenza virus transmission is to wash hands frequently and refrain from touching your face.