CALGARY -- The government of Alberta's $100 offer to motivate unvaccinated Albertans to seek immunization has resulted in tens of thousands of people registering for the program.

According to the province, 152,063 Albertans have registered to receive a $100 prefilled debit card.

If all applications are approved, the program would cost the province in excess of $15 million.

"Thank you to our health-care workers for everything they have done so far to keep Albertans safe and healthy. By getting your shot, you are helping to protect yourself and those around you while helping to ease the pressure on our health-care system so it can continue to treat Albertans in need. Getting the shot may not be easy for every Albertan," said Health Minister Jason Copping. "This incentive offsets some of the associated costs for Albertans. If you got a first or second dose during this time frame, make sure you register. If you aren’t fully vaccinated, book your dose today. If you have questions or concerns, speak to a trusted and credible health-care worker and get the facts."

Adult Albertans who received either their first or second-dose of the COVID-19 vaccine between Sept. 3 and the end of Oct. 14 are eligible for the financial incentive.

Officials say the cards are expected to be delivered in October, November or December.

For details on applying for the program, visit Alberta-Vaccine Debit Card.