The Alberta Distance Learning Centre is facing funding concerns.  The centre offers distance learning, but schools who offer it to their students have had their funding cut in half.

Distance Education offers classes to students outside of a physical, 'brick and mortar', school.  Students are able to take single courses, a full class load, or upgrade through the centre, with teachers providing assistance via Skype, text message, or phone call.

Centre officials fear students who use the program, especially those in rural areas, will have fewer education options.

“Really what they did is cut students choice and flexibility,” says Stacy Harper, Alberta Distance Learning Centre.  "Students no longer will have the incentive to take courses through us because schools won't be able to afford it."

An online petition has been created in the hope of prompting the province to reevaluate its funding cuts.  The petition is available at Stop D.E. Cuts

With files from Rylee Carlson