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Alberta's Moraine Lake named among the most beautiful in the world

Alberta's Moraine Lake. (Unsplash/Jaime Reimer) Alberta's Moraine Lake. (Unsplash/Jaime Reimer)

A lake in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains is highlighted on a list outlining the most beautiful ones in the world.

The list, from Condé Nast Traveller magazine takes a deep dive into captivating bodies of water from Jordan to French Polynesia.

The article states that while Banff National Park has no shortage of beautiful lakes, Moraine Lake is a standout.

"The lake owes its striking colour to mineral-rich runoff from the surrounding glaciers, some of which you can spot on the Valley of the Ten Peaks—a row of 10 mountains that once appeared on the Canadian $20 bill—in the distance," it reads.

The article suggests staying at nearby Moraine Lake Lodge which has lake-facing balconies.

This year, travellers have the option of using On-It Regional Transit to access Moraine Lake, in addition to Parks Canada shuttles.

Other Canadian Lakes that made the list include Lake Winnipeg and Lake Superior, which also crosses into the United States. Top Stories

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