Hundreds of young female hockey players from all over Alberta, including some from Saskatchewan, were in our city this weekend to participate in an all-girls Timbits Hockey tournament.

The games, skills training and fun were all held at the Westside Recreation Centre on 69 Street S.W. all weekend long.

Organizers say this is the first time they have ever held a Timbits tournament for only girls.

“There hasn’t ever been one that we know of. A couple of years ago, one of our coaches suggested, ‘Why don’t we have one?’ What’s missing for the girls is a tournament where they are playing like teams,” said Heather Isidoro with Calgary Inferno.

She says a lot of the elements of the event are geared towards the girls, including the swag bags that have lip gloss and hair ties, as well as a dance party.

“All the girls got together, all the teams, and had a pizza and dance party. There was also a lot of fun on the ice, they got to play against teams that are evenly skilled.”

Isidoro says when girls play against boys in regular Timbits tournaments, they aren’t outplayed but they are outscored.

“So it gets a little bit discouraging. When you get them to play girls’ teams and it’s more evenly matched. It gets them really fired up and competitive.”

Officials say hockey is growing in popularity among girls in Calgary and Alberta, mainly due to the fact that the city is home to the Canadian womens’ hockey team and the Calgary Inferno.