A former senior administrator at Bow Valley College is believed to have bilked the school out of nearly 200 thousand dollars.

Alberta's Auditor General says the case points to weak internal controls but college directors say they were already aware of the missing money and have started changes to ensure it won't happen again.

Bow Valley College, which has more than 11 thousand students, came under scrutiny after the Auditor General released details Tuesday that 189 thousand dollars was allegedly taken by one of the college executives.

A lawsuit launched by Bow Valley College identifies the employee as Sean Mailey, the former Director of International Education.

Court documents allege the money was paid out in the form of student recruitment commissions to a pair of companies that never really existed.

Mailey was dismissed last fall after the suspicions were raised.

The college went to police who continue to investigate. No criminal charges have been laid and the allegations have not been proven in court.

Officials say no students were affected by the scheme and the institution's code of conduct and ethics policy are under review.

CTV attempted to contact Mailey but was unable to reach him.