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Alleged plot against former mayor Naheed Nenshi to show corruption failed, alleged 'fixer' says

An alleged scheme by local business leaders to entrap former Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi into accepting investment from the Russian Federation didn't work, says the "political fixer" at the centre of the alleged plot.

Canadaland first reported that the so-called “Operation Peacock” took place in the fall of 2019.

David Wallace tells CTV News he was hired by a group of local business leaders to create a compromising scenario involving Nenshi.

The alleged plan involved setting up a meeting between Nenshi's inner circle and representatives of the Russian federation and a few oligarchs, but the meeting never happened and Nenshi did not accept funds.

“I was hired to expose this supposed corruption. When I found there was no corruption, I can't proceed,” said Wallace to CTV News from Ottawa.

Wallace said Nenshi “wouldn't take the bait.”

Wallace claims the group that hired him involved developers who paid just over $100,000 to “dangle” an investment opportunity of $40 billion in funds from Russian players.

The Canadaland report named the Wenzels, founders of Shane Homes, a Calgary home development company, as AMONG THOSE developers allegedly involved in the scheme.

The Wenzel Family provided a statement to CTV News, which reads in full:

“The accusations made about our family in the CANADALAND article are wildly inaccurate, and on the advice of our legal team we plan to immediately commence legal action to clear our name. At no time were we involved in the alleged plot against former mayor Naheed Nenshi. We join the former mayor in his call for a police investigation.”

Nenshi also posted a statement, which reads in part:

“How disappointing to read about this alleged plot against me. It appears that there are people that seem to think that their money and their connections make them more important or powerful than everyday citizens. And yet again, citizens have proven them wrong.”

It continued, “As a community, we should never stand for the kind of assault on our democracy and on our society that is alleged in this article.”

Current Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek responded to questions about the alleged scheme to reporters at council chambers on Tuesday afternoon.

“The situation with ‘Operation Peacock’ is yet another demonstration of ridiculous behaviour. We need to let elected officials do their job and once they're elected, they have a responsibility to do good work,” said Gondek.

Ward 9 Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra was also reportedly approached by the same actors in the alleged plot, and he also did not comply with the scheme.

He says government institutions deserve respect.

“I think it’s very important that we elect ethical people who support those institutions and are committed to a common good,” said Carra.

Nenshi is also calling for either the Calgary police and/or the RCMP to investigate if any laws were broken in the alleged plot.

Neither law enforcement agency could confirm if there were any active investigations into this alleged operation against the former mayor, when CTV News asked for comment on Tuesday. Top Stories

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