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Alleged thief wearing stolen security uniform breaks into multiple Calgary businesses

Multiple companies allege the same thief wearing a security uniform broke into their businesses Tuesday morning and made off with thousands of dollars in stolen electronics.

The crime spree happened along 32 Ave. N.E.

It started inside a security business just before 2 a.m., where CCTV footage shows a man holding employee clothing and searching through a room.

Staff says he took the uniform and scanned the building for valuables.

The next time cameras pick the man up, he's three blocks away, walking into another local company.

"There was a break-in into the security room and he got access to the master key, which gave him access to our building," Work Buddiz employee Raghav Bansal told CTV News.

"Our security camera saw so much."

The footage shows the man rummaging through the business' shelving and desks, and at various points walking down the hall into short-term office rentals.

"He went to our tenant rooms and started unlocking those with the key he had," Bansal said.

"He took a few laptops, computers, corporate cheques and a hard drive."

Then, Bansal says, the man went to units on other floors of the building.

Lucia Gomez, who works for the Di Leone Group, says he made it into six different businesses in total.

She says strong security measures limited what he could steal at Di Leone, but he still made off with quite the haul.

"He took two laptops, eight cellphones and a professional camera with a flash," she said.

"I'm really surprised and feeling distressed," Bansal said.

"We are a small business struggling hard in Calgary's economy so I think this incident has shaken the confidence of our tenants, which is tough for the business."

Calgary police would only tell CTV News they're aware of the incident and investigating. Top Stories

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