Two armed robbers received more than they bargained for when they attempted to rob a Centre St. N. gold and silver coin store in late June.

On the afternoon of Friday, June 28, two men entered the Canadian Gold and Silver store in the 1600 block of Centre St. N. The men threatened customers and proceeded to smash and grab items from the stores display cases.

Store employee Simon Zeiter, armed with a bat and standing behind a counter, struck one of the robbers in the head.  The force of the blow sent the suspect, who was carrying a knife and a crowbar, to the ground.

The other robber attempted to pull his injured accomplice from the store when they were confronted by a customer brandishing a chair in a lion tamer fashion.  The suspect who had not been struck by the bat fled the store, leaving his partner in crime behind. 

During the attempted robbery, members of the Calgary Fire Department observed the incident while returning to the Mount Pleasant Fire Station. Firefighters entered the store and assisted in detaining the injured robbery suspect.  Police officers responded to the initial alarm and placed the suspect in custody.

No items were removed from the store in the attempted robbery.