The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) says it has been overwhelmed with calls about homeless animals in need of rescue and has saved dozens of pets over the past two weeks.

AARCS says its members have rescued a total of 54 animals in just 11 days adding to the approximately 250 animals already in its care.

The rescue society says the winter months are the hardest as staff tries to round up the strays and bring them in from the cold.

“Right now we are focusing on getting as many animals into foster care as possible so that we can rescue more. It seems the calls are never ending.” says Deanna Thompson, Executive Director. “We are always in need of more volunteers to help at the shelter, foster and adoptive families for both cats and dogs, and of course donations to cover the thousands of dollars in veterinary costs we incur.”  

Unfortunately rescue crews were unable to save some of the puppies in a litter of eight dogs. Only one puppy and the mother were alive when crews arrived to care for them. They are now at the AARCS Safe Haven shelter.

Officials were able to save another litter of 11. Four pups were born outside, another four were born in the rescue vehicle and three were born in foster care.

They also managed to dig another litter of older puppies out from under a shed and saved two more dogs that were found in dumpsters.

The no-kill facility is run by volunteers and depends on donor dollars to pay vet bills and to operate the shelter.

AARCS has dozens of cats and dogs available for adoption.

For adoption information and to make a donation, visit the AARCS website.