CALGARY -- Hundreds of Calgarians gathered for the fourth week in a row to show their support for the Palestinian territories as some hold out hope for a permanent ceasefire in the Middle East.

Tensions rose worldwide in May as conflict escalated and as Arab and Jewish communities took to the streets in dozens of major cities.

An Israel-Hamas ceasefire was reached May 21, but that hasn't slowed Calgary's protest movement.

"The normal public citizen like myself and yourself are seeing what is happening," organizer Tamim Habib told CTV News. "People ask, 'what are you protesting?' Well, the bombing has stopped, but what about the displacement of these civilians? Now they're homeless."

Calgary police estimate more than 300 people met at Olympic Plaza to march through the core on Sunday. It's the fourth week of protests.

Most attended to denounce the violence and injustices against Palestinian people, and this week, a local incident sparked even more outrage.

A Calgary man was arrested for what police are calling a hate crime. Alex John Hudson was charged with mischief to a motor vehicle after he allegedly targeted a Muslim driver Wednesday.

It’s sparked calls for change from many in the city.

"Regardless of the religion, the message is when this type of incident happens, is we should have zero tolerance," Hussaini Association of Calgary President Syed Shujah said.

Egypt and Israel held high-level talks in both countries earlier Sunday. Experts believe the aim is to shore up the fragile truce between Israel and the Hamas militant group and to rebuild the Gaza Strip.