A Lethbridge resident, who is accused of leading a military unit that slaughtered hundreds of villagers in Guatemala, will not get his day in court.

Jorge Sosa was extradited to the U.S. to face charges of lying to immigration officials about his military past.

His appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to overturn the extradition was denied on Thursday.

The 53 year old was allegedly the commanding officer of an elite military unit that massacred 222 villagers at Dos Erres during the Guatemalan civil war.

Descendants of the victims of the Dos Erres massacre say his extradition to the United States on lesser charges will mean that it will be decades before he’ll face anything to do with the massacre.

"He's only being charged in the US for lying on his citizenship application," said Matt Eisenbrandt of the Canadian Centre for International Justice in November 2011. "There's no underlying charge for crimes he allegedly committed in the Dos Erres massacre."

Legal activists are asking the justice minister to charge Sosa with crimes against humanity and put him on trial here.

Three other special forces soldiers accused alongside Sosa were convicted this summer and given a prison sentence of 6,000 years.