The days are numbered for a West Hillhurst home but local artists are planning to send it off in style.

The entire structure at 229 10A St. N.W. is being converted into a piece of art.

Caitlin Brown is one of seven artists who are transforming the entire house into a work of art.

"If we can make what is essentially a junk house into something golden, even for three days, I'll be super duper happy" says Brown.

The 100-year-old house is slated for demolition in September.

As a present to the house's new owners, neighbors commissioned the artists to transform the doomed home.

"It's not often you are given the keys to an entire house and are told you can do anything with it," says Brown.

Artistic renovations including cutting a hole in the living room floor and installing a playground slide down to a basement closet.

Neighborhood children are invited to help turn the walls into murals

"It would just be so cool to have a house made into this cool sculpture," says muralist Jack Bieber.

"I think it's really cool because it doesn't happen most of the time," adds Juliana Rock.

"It's pretty fun getting to draw on the walls but it's pretty sad knowing that it's going to be knocked down pretty soon," says Noah Rock.

The house contains the children's wall mural, a human powered whirlpool and a string art installation.

The art, and the house itself, will be demolished. Prior to demolition, the home will be open to the public from September 2 through to September 4.

"Ideally it would be nice if it could stay up for a while," says artist Wayne Garrett. "Having it open for a few days will be kind of a cool thing too and it speaks to the impermanent nature of all these things."

All the materials used in the house project are reclaimed or recycled.

Demolition will begin September 5.