An online auction has angered friends and family of a Calgary man who hanged himself in a B.C. motel.

The item in question is a coat rack that Ryan Jenkins is said to have used to hang himself after he allegedly killed his wife.

The website says a Canadian seller is asking $1750 for the metal rack.

The coat rack is from the Thunderbird Motel in Hope, B.C., where Jenkins killed himself in 2009.

Ryan Jenkins was a reality TV star on VH1's "I Love Money 3'.

Police say he killed his wife, Jasmine Fiore in California and then fled to Canada.

After being on the run for days, Jenkins hanged himself with a belt in the Hope motel.

A longtime friend says he's disgusted by the auction.

The coat rack is being auctioned off by a website that specializes in selling serial killer memorabilia.