Two Edmonton children really did have a lucky escape Thursday afternoon.

The two children were riding in a stroller when a car hit the jogging stroller.

Police say the children weren’t seriously hurt because they were properly strapped in.

The children, ages one and two, were in the jogging stroller being pushed across the street by a nanny.

A car, which was turning left, hit the stroller with enough force that the stroller flipped several times.

The children had minor injuries and police say that’s because they were buckled in.

The stroller was designed by a Calgary team working for the Thule company.

Matthew Stengler a research and development technologist for Thule said “it’s great to know our product did what it was supposed to do.”

Stengler said “there’s the minimum standard, but we test well above any minimum regulatory standards.”

There’s no word if the driver of the car which hit the stroller will be charged.