A partial victory for the Stampeders fan spirit as the team's touchdown symbol will appear at the Grey Cup in Toronto this weekend.

Karyn Drake, the rider of the Stamps touchdown horse, has been notified that she will be going to Toronto for the Grey Cup festivities but her horse, Quick Six, will not be accompanying her for the trip.

Earlier this week, Grey Cup organizers said the touchdown horse would not be allowed at the CFL’s championship game due to space and safety concerns at Toronto’s Rogers Centre.

Drake will be borrowing an Ontario horse for Sunday’s big game but the pair will not be running along the sidelines.

“The disappointing part is we won't be able to run on the turf,” says Drake.  “We will be there, cheering them on from the one corner of the field, I'm not sure which corner, but we'll be there and we'll wave the flag.”

“We're just thrilled we got the go ahead.”

Drake says the borrowed horse resembles Quick Six and will represent him well.

Drake will leave first thing Friday morning on a chartered flight and she’s thrilled with the response from Stamps fans supporting her bid to attend the game.