CALGARY -- It's not every day someone leaves a bag full of money meant for the rent on the C Train, and gets it back.

Yet that's exactly what happened recently, when Calgary Transit CTrain driver Durmej Singh Cheema found a bag on the train containing $1500 that belonged to Shayla Kuefler in it.

The bag was left on the train at the Westbrook LRT station, where Kuefler departed. The train made two more stops before Cheema found the item, after a routine walk-through at 69th Street station.

“At the 69th Street station when changing ends, I saw the bag on my train," Cheema said.  "We do a regular check inside the train, and if something is left we report it."

LRT Hero

Kuefler said she was physically ill when she realized that she'd  left a bag of money on the train.

“It was going to pay rent," she said, "so it was ideal that I get the bag back - but it was not very likely (to happen)."

After a frantic call to the Calgary Transit, she learned that the bag had been found, with all the money still inside.

“It means the world to me actually," said Kuefler, "because during these times it is hard to get by - and especially for me, being on a fixed income."