Christmas Day is now behind us and the malls in Calgary are again packed with shoppers trying to find the best deals on items they missed out on underneath their trees.

Many shopping centres, including Market Mall, have adjusted their hours to deal with the influx of customers and, while some retail experts say the Boxing Day buzz is wearing off, that didn’t stop hordes of shoppers coming out to score some deals.

However, they all needed to manage the crush of crowds to find their goods.

“It was so crowded, there were about 100 people standing in line,” said Namba Ramasamay.

Staff says they pulled out all the stops to put all the hot items on the shelves.

“There’s a lot of good pricing on the cell phones, good TVs and we also have tablets and laptops at $200 or $300 off,” said Aziz Kabani, the manager of Best Buy at Market Mall.

Meanwhile, mall managers say that while things did get crazy in the parking lot, it hasn’t been as busy inside the mall this season and they’re chalking it up to an economic recession in Alberta.

“What we’ve seen to date over Christmas is traffic is a little flat over last year, we are a little bit up about two percent, so we are coming off lower numbers,” said Paige O’Neill, general manager of Chinook Centre.

Despite those sales, experts say Boxing Day is fading in Canada.

“Black Friday really becomes more prominent in Canada,” says Jeff Novak of “We’ve really moved away from Boxing Day being the only giant retail day in Canada.”

But he adds that the tradition of wading through the crowds the day after Christmas likely isn’t going anywhere.

(With files from Stephanie Wiebe)