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Beakerhead celebrates 10th birthday with weekend of free events

Beakerhead is back this weekend, and it's celebrating turning 10 in a big way.

The annual celebration of arts, science and technology features more than 100 immersive experiences for people to check out this weekend.

One of them is the Body exhibit, across the way at Shaw Millennium Park.


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It's an artistic exploration of the human form using light, sound and special effects aimed to stimulate all the senses.

The interactive exhibit was created in the U.K. and Calgary is one of the first cities in North America to experience the installation firsthand.

"I mean, it just seems like an amazing festival," said Body artistic director Richard Babington. "A really interesting collaboration of the sciences and the arts, it's really helping communicate important concepts to people in a fun and playful way."

"We have over 100 pieces of programming that really reflect that community collaboration," said Beakerhead executive director Parker Chapple. "They're all free, widely diverse, you'd be hard-pressed to find something you don't love."

Other events taking place include workshops, a marketplace, a beer garden and much more.

Beakerhead is a free event that runs through Sunday. For more info, go here. Top Stories

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