Close to a couple of hundred people had the chance to have  their mind blown at Beakerhead's sneak-a-peek preview Wednesday night at Prince's Island Park.

Since 2013, when Beakerhead first started, it has  become one of Calgary’s must -see events, with its unique blend of creativity, science and engineering.

Paul Magnuson, Chief Curator at BIG ART says that over the years they have gotten inspiration from other festivals and live events such as Burning Man.

“Beakerhead is so original that it has developed its own content over the years.” said Magnuson, who added that they work with artists, scientists, engineers and other creative and talented people to build one-of-a-kind custom art  created specifically for Beakerhead.

Beakerhead  blends arts and culture with  Calgary's science and technology sectors to encourage collaboration and innovation, creating interactive art exhibits, and engineered installations.


Saturdays Prince's Island Park  finale is sold out but you can still attend some unique workshops and shows like Lunch Without Light.

Over the next few days there are some freebie events taking place like a blooming art exhibit and the chance to be a scientist for a day.

Beakerhead is an all family event and runs until Saturday September 21, 2019.

Check out their for full details.