CALGARY -- As COVID-19 forces Albertans to stay at home in self-isolation hibernation, bears across the province are waking up from theirs and Alberta Fish and Wildlife wants people to do their part to keep wildlife out of their backyards.

Attractants like food and garbage can lure bears travelling through wildlife corridors into residential neighbourhoods.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife recommends trash and recycling be stored in airtight, bear-proof containers and that compost be kept indoors. The agency suggests using an indoor composter.

The smell of bird feeders, barbecues and fruit trees can also attract wildlife. According to Alberta Fish and Wildlife, barbecues should be cleaned after each use and stored in a shed or garage.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife urges people to get rid of fruit trees and berry bushes, and only use bird feeders during months when bears are less active.

Anyone who encounters a bear or other wildlife that may be a concern to public safety, report the incident to the Report a Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.