Visitors to this year’s edition of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth may struggle to identify many of the food aromas along the midway as the 2014 food booths are set to sell some unusual, some intimidating, and some tantalizing fare.

The Calgary Stampede’s 32 item list of new foods for 2014 includes:

  • Crocodile sliders – miniature burgers consisting of a crocodile meat patty topped with lettuce and tomatoes served on a bite-sized bun
  • Deep fried Cheezies – Cheezies coated in batter and deep fried
  • Million dollar Baby Mac & Cheese – gourmet macaroni and cheese, infused with white truffle oil and topped with sautéed crab and sundried tomatoes
  • Fried pickle pizza – deep fried pickles served on a cheesy pizza
  • Polish poutine – Fries and gravy topped with cheddar cheese perogies, bacon, sour cream and caramelized onions
  • Red Velvet Mini Donuts
  • Scorpion Pizza – Pizza topped with crunchy pieces of the arthropods

To view the entire list, visit the Calgary Stampede blog.

The 2014 Calgary Stampede is scheduled for July 4 – 13.