Warnings are now in place for trails and areas around Lake Louise after a hiker was nipped by a black bear.

The incident happened about 4:45 p.m. on Friday on the Lake Agnes horse trail near Lake Louise, in Banff National Park.

The bear nipped at the man but did not puncture his skin then left the area said a Parks Canada spokesperson. The incident was reported to human-wildlife conflict staff.

Around the same time Friday, a black bear was videotaped swimming across Lake Louise by Laura Morrison-Hoffert, who was out on a canoe with her husband.

"It was amazing," said Morrison-Hoffert, who alerted several other tourists to clear a path so that the bear could swim unimpeded to the other side of the lake.

"Swimming up the lake was once in a lifetime," she said. "Speaking to the people who rent the canoes, they said they've never seen that."

 Parks Canada staff will monitor wildlife activity in the area but consider it “an isolated incident.”

Park users are cautioned to walk in groups, make noises and be alert.

Bear spray should be carried and dogs should remain on leash and under control. Small children should be kept close by.

“When camping or picnicking, visitors are asked to store food and other attractants in their car or food lockers as wildlife can be attracted to food items,” reads a statement from Parks Canada.

Wildlife sightings can be reported to Banff Dispatch at 403-762-1473.