Another bobcat has been spotted in a Calgary neighbourhood.

This time the feline turned up in Patterson in the southwest.

Don Franklin snapped photos of the bobcat while it was in his front yard. "I think it stood about two feet tall at the shoulder and it was about three feet long. The feet on that thing were huge," says Franklin.

Franklin and his wife were left wondering if smaller children and smaller pets in the area might be in danger because of the cat's presence. "I would feel comfortable if Fish and Wildlife officials would come down a couple of times and look around to maybe see if it's gone," says Darlene Franklin.

Veteran Wildlife Officer, Tom Biglin says the animal is most likely a bobcat, as opposed to a lynx, but says at this point they are not considering setting a trap. "We typically don't do that sort of thing until they start demonstrating some concerns to us. And since my tenure here in Calgary we haven't trapped any bobcat or lynx."

The bobcat sighting in Patterson is one of several in the city this year.

Two weeks ago a bobcat was spotted in the northwest community of Thorncliffe.

In January, pictures of bobcats were taken by residents in the southwest community of Oakridge.

Biglin says Calgarians shouldn't be too worried about the sightings. "You are probably in more danger of being attacked by a domestic dog than you are a lynx or bobcat."

Biglin adds that pets aren't likely in danger either because the felines typically hunt rodents.