CALGARY – A health alert has been put in place for the drinking water supply at a private school in southwest Calgary after a recent inspection revealed dangerous levels of bacteria.

Alberta Health Services released the boil water order for Tanbridge Academy on October 15 after officials discovered coliform bacteria in water samples taken from the school's kitchen sink.

According to the order, 16 total coliform bacteria per 100 ml were found in a sample taken on October 10, conditions that authorities say "are or may become injurious or dangerous to the public health."

"The above noted Drinking Water Supply is hereby declared unfit for human consumption," the order reads.

As a result, administrators at Tanbridge Academy have been ordered to post "do not drink" signs next to all public water fixtures, provide alternative sources of potable water or water that has been boiled for one minute in duration, supply all handwashing areas with hand sanitizer that has at least 60 per cent alcohol content for people to disinfect their hands with after washing and ensure all food processing and preparation is completed using water that has been boiled for one minute.

Additionally, Tanbridge Academy must also employ a qualified contractor to assess the water system and conduct work on installing an AHS-approved water treatment system.

Tanbridge has until October 31 to complete the necessary work and the order will remain in effect until the system has been put in place.