Construction on the controversial Peace Bridge hasn't even begun and already the project is millions of dollars over budget.

Alderman Ric McIver says if the pedestrian bridge costs a penny more than the estimates it may be time to walk away from the project. "Nothing would make the public happier than if we came to our senses and cancelled the bridge."

Nearly $25-million was set aside for the pedestrian bridge which will form a walkway between the communities of Sunnyside and Eau Claire.

The city has estimated the actual construction price tag would be about $18-million but bids have been coming in millions of dollars higher.

City staff are now trying to find ways to cut the cost.

Alderman Druh Farrell says design changes can be made to make the project cheaper. "The surface of the bridge was going to be made out of granite. Now they're looking at high quality concrete and I think there are some other engineering solutions that they can come up with to help reduce costs."

McIver says it's never too late to scrap a project even if cancelling it will come with a price tag that some estimate to be at least $3-million dollars. "Even if there are some collateral costs I still think the taxpayers end up with a net gain as opposed to going ahead with this travesty."

Alderman Farrell believes once the bridge is built it will be something Calgarians will be proud of.