Christmas is a time for goodwill and cheer but it's also a time to wear your favorite ugly Holiday sweater.              

Adil Hooda and Kyle Fitzgerald say more and more people are having ugly Christmas sweater parties, at home or at the office.

In early November, Hooda and Fitzgerald decided to capitalize on the demand for the seasonal eyesore by setting up a basement shop and selling ugly sweaters on line.

In their initial three weeks of business, their website, Holiday Rejects,  sold over 200 sweaters all across the country, with the bulk of their orders coming from right here in Calgary.

Hooda came up with the idea after hosting a 2011 ugly Christmas sweater party.  The idea was popular but none of the guests arrived wearing the garish garments.

Hooda saw the need for an ugly sweaters outlet and talked his friend into partnering with him.

Their online store Holiday Rejects is growing in popularity and the site’s inventory comes from south of the border.

“Some of them are crazy, I don't even know where they sold it in the first place,” says Fitzgerald.   “They must be custom made, a few of them, because you look at them and say ‘Wow, When was this in the store?’, ‘When did someone want to buy this?’ but it's come back into style now, so it's great.”

Holiday Rejects is looking at expanding next year into offering other ugly Christmas clothing accessories.