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Bundle up and plug in your vehicles – Calgary's heading for another cold snap

When you first stepped outside today, you would’ve noticed right away – the wintry weather has returned.

After a warm week, the temperatures have plunged and they're not done yet.

If we hit the forecast temperature on Thursday, it will be the coldest Dec. 1 since 1919.

At -9 C or so, it's already noticeable – less crowds, less enthusiasm.

"Not thrilled. I’ve got to say, not thrilled about that," one person said.

But with a high of around -20 C later this week, like it or not, it's time to prepare.

"Just kind of brace myself, tell myself it’s a lot warmer than it is, have a coffee," another person said.

After a warm week or so, outdoor rinks are in poor repair, ready for the volunteers who keep these community gems smooth to get back out with their hoses and make it safe to go in the corners again.

Frostbite can begin in just minutes when we hit double-digit negative temperatures.

"Cover as much skin as you can to prevent frostbite, dress in layers if possible … if you make a living outside, just look out after each other, try to take frequent breaks," said Adam Loria with EMS.

Frigid temperatures also mean thinking ahead.

Calls for flat batteries can increase significantly in these conditions, with AMA saying service calls are typically about six times higher when the mercury hits -15 C or lower.

"Start plugging in your vehicle. And really, that can be the difference between an engine that starts and one that doesn't, because typically we see about one call every 40 seconds when we see temperatures dip below -15 C, minus -20 C," said Ryan Lemont, manager of driver education with AMA.

Wintry weather can feel like a marathon, and that calls for a positive attitude – an embrace of this northern environment, some say.

"I just try to embrace it and take it for what it is … and my dog gets me out and it actually makes my day better to be outdoors," one person said. Top Stories

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