Business owners near the Gas Plus station in Bowness are concerned they are being kept in the dark about the magnitude of contamination in the area.

Last year, a leak was discovered at the gas station, and it's believed that upwards of 9,000 litres of fuel have seeped into the surrounding neighborhood soil.

People operating businesses want to make sure they, and their customers, are safe.

When Patience Gold, owner of Afrikana Beauty Supplies, saw city workers looking into a water main break near her store last week, she started thinking it might have to do with the Gas Plus station down the street.

"I've been wondering what's been going on in Gas Plus, if has anything to do with the water. And if that's the case, oh my god, are we going to be sick from it? Why is no one going to talk to us about it?" she said.

She and her husband Rick Gold began to discuss with other business owners in the same strip mall to find out what they knew about a Gas Plus connection to their water supply.

An environmental order is in place and an engineering company has been hired to determine how far an area has been affected by the gas leak.

"I think from what I gather, these kinds of toxic spills can be dangerous to your health," said another area business owner J.D. Esler. "A good clean-up, you wonder if that's enough."

The Golds say their children regularly come to the shop, and they want to know that it's safe.

"I think if the city were to visit surrounding businesses, and keep them informed, then at least we'd feel a little better," Rick Gold said.

In August, gasoline vapors were detected in the basement of a nearby home.

Alberta Environment advised three families to move out of their homes because of the leak.

The final report hasn't been completed yet on the magnitude of the fuel leak with engineers still trying to assess if gas has made its way to the Bow River.