Emergency crews spent the night helping Calgary drivers out of the many scrapes and spins they got themselves into while trying to navigate the icy roads.

Calgary police responded to nearly 400 crashes during the day on Sunday and crews had to deal with dozens more in the evening.

Police have since asked city crews to pay particular attention to the bridge decks after they found those areas to be unsafe.

A tiny patch of ice is all it takes to lose control, police say.

“We had a single vehicle northbound on Deerfoot Trail, and at some point it lost control and hit the light pole here,” says Acting Sergeant Jeff Vancaeyzeele.

Two people had to be cut out of a crash on Deerfoot Trail and sent to hospital.

One is listed in life-threatening condition while the other is in serious, but stable, condition.

Police are attributing the increased amount of incidents with a larger volume of vehicles on the road over the weekend.

Most crashes were fender benders and reminded drivers of the value of snow tires on their vehicle in inclement conditions.

Drivers are reminded to take care on the road because plunging temperatures overnight can really change driving conditions in the morning.

Police say that your holiday plans could change very quickly if you don’t pay attention while you drive.

“People just need to pay attention to the road condtions and watch your speed,” says Vancaeyzeele. “It’s a lot busier on the roads right now, due to the Christmas season. We want to remind people to drive safely this time of year and be mindful of road conditions.”