A Calgary city councillor is pushing forward a motion that will prevent smokers in the city from lighting up when they are in outdoor areas where children are present.

Ward 10 Councillor Andre Chabot, who is a smoker himself, is pushing for residents to put out their cigarettes when at playgrounds, parks, concerts and festivals if children are present.

"I think we need to set a precedence that kids are influenced a lot by what they see adults do and older kids so the less visual impact they are exposed to the less opportunity there will be for them to even consider starting up," said Chabot.

Chabot says he expects his proposal will get an easy ride through council on Monday and if it is passed a draft of the bylaw will be ready by mid-January.

Smoking is already banned in Olympic Plaza and on LRT platforms.

Edmonton  enacted a similar bylaw last April.

A bylaw in Montreal that bans smoking within 20 metres of playgrounds and parks was passed unanimously in February.

First-time offenders in Cote St-Luc face a $50 fine while repeat offenders are charged $100.